RFQ Processes

RFQ Processes 

IAI sends the supplier a request for quote, the supplier can answer this request for a quote according to their decision, sending it back to the customer, after which the customer will select the supplier that they wish to proceed with. The customer will choose the Best and Final Offer and reach out to the supplier for a final quote. 

To view the RFQs send by the customer to the supplier, go to “Incoming RFQs” 

And search for the RFQ number in the top right corner of the screen. Often times before you will be allowed to view the RFQ, You will be directed to an NDA. (Non-disclosure Agreement) Please be advised that if you do not digitally sign and agree to the non-disclosure agreement, you will not be able to view the RFQ. 

Once you have located the RFQ, you’ll be able to view the customers suggested amount and fill in the offer made by the company you represent, Including Proposal Currency, Quotation Number, Quotation Number, and Quotation Period  

The Header will include basic information about the RFQ, 

Under items, you will find the offer on a line-by-line basis, which you will need to fill out. 

The Customer’s request will show up alongside the field where you can fill out the actual quantity being offered as a response 

Mandatory fields include Price: 

Proposal Delivery Date and Quantity: 

         For IAI customer please send only one delivery date

You will be able to enter a different price depending on Quantity scales, Material costs etc

You can offer prices in accordance with quantity, IE, offering a discount for higher quantity ordered.

Each parameter of the additional costs can be outlined to the customer.

Both Supplier and Buyer can leave a comment to clarify any grey area regarding the agreement using the text box below: 

Once the RFQ response is ready, supplier can choose to send the RFQ by clicking “ready to submit” or select “no bid” and a reason, eg: No stock in our inventory 

One there are a number of RFQs that have gone through to the customer from various suppliers, the customer will send a BAFO RFQ (Best and Final Offer) which means you have been selected out of a number of suppliers as the best option, the data you entered last time will show up on all the relevant fields, a new offer will be raised by the customer and you will be requested to fill out the fields again, as a final offer. 

 In the BAFO, you will be able to view your previous offer, the customers requested amount and you'll be able to enter your updated offer:

It will also the display the rounds that the RFQ has undergone, after filling which out, you will be able to submit as you would a regular RFQ, reviewing the information before sending through.

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